Marta Rivera Alba

Machine Learning / EN


07 Octubre 2018, 14:30 - 14:55

Python, Pandas and other animals to survive in the data jungle.

Like investors, animals make their best bets based on current conditions and their own knowledge. They dynamically combine information sources to reduce risk and maximize profits. Thanks to the most recent improvements on artificial intelligence tools, massive amounts of data can be now analysed to adapt ourselves to the future behaviour of animals, the climate, shoppers or the financial market. These current developments allow us to train computers using Python, Pandas and other pets to mimic animal survival techniques and to make the best of our investing strategies.

Compiling the right set of tools is crucial for successful data scientists. My Swiss knife to survive in the wild financial market has: Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Sklearn and a bit of Keras. In this talk I will show you some tips and tricks to become a more complete data scientist with my favourite animals.